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Drafting is the language of manufacture and construction and I speak it well. I think its actually my native language... before English.

CAD Operator

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CAD, of course stands for Computer Aided Drafting (and Design). Before computers we used to use T-squares, triangles, erasers, and compasses and drew on vellum and mylar. Then we'd make copies on a blueprint machine that stunk to high heaven of ammonia!

Ah, the good old days.

I started drafting in Junior High School, back in 1982. (I'm seriously dating myself.) I've been making Mechanical, Architectural and Civil drawings, complete with dimensioned parts drawings, assemby drawings and bills of material, ever since.

While I have worked on Architectural and Civil projects, the majority of my work and passion has been centered on mechanical and art-work needs.


I have clients from all sorts of disciplines. From artists who need their hand sketches translated into something a CNC machine can understand to, manufacturers who need parts and assemblies drawings for the latest and greatest doo-hickey they want to start manufacturing. I've got stone resellers/installers who need precise parts drawings and layouts with part callouts for the floors of $50 million dollar homes. I've done tiny, intricate belt buckle art. I've done the spiraling ceiling structure that held hundreds of hand-blown glass globes in the atrium of an office building. I've drawn parts and assemblies for massive mining machines that can hold an entire house in the back. And I've translated hand sketches for beautiful glass river tables into something a waterjet can cut. I've also created a number of solid models for 3D printing (mostly for my own use).

Services Include:


I fell in love with drafting when I took an introductory class in Junior High. In High School, I scored an A+ on the Plane Geometry final exam... without taking it - the teacher told me to skip class that day as he already knew I'd ace the exam anyway. When I graduated from Tech School with a diploma in drafting, I had broken the teacher's scoring system - 'technically' I scored an A++ - squashed all the other entries from my school in the bridge building contest held at the Bureau of Reclamation's laboratory located in the Federal Center at their annual Bridge Building Contest, and served as an assitant to the teacher in helping the other students understand the concepts of drafting.

Fresh out of High School in 1987, I went to work for a CAD reseller called CAD Technology and worked as a CAD Technician. Without knowing a thing about PCs at the time, I was put in a room with bunch of computer parts and software, still in their boxes, and without any assistance, I had a fully-functioning CAD system at the end of the day. After installing over 100 systems and then training various Architects and Engineers on the use of their new computers as a drafting/design system instead of their drafting boards, I then provided full technical support.

After three years, I went to work for one of our customers as a Draftsman/Designer, working on mining products we fabricated for the likes of Caterpillar, Esco and Krupp. We designed 'value added' parts customers would buy from us - sideboard/tailboard extensions, suspension systems, live cable reels, etc. I was the fastest and most accurate draftsman they had, as well as the only person there who, not only understood, but also thrived in their 3D design software (everyone else only used the 2D software). Additionally, I checked a lot of the work coming from the engineers as I seemed to catch every possible mistake, nested parts to fit the raw material sheets and generate the corresponding CAM files for the shop's plasma and gas CNC torches. I also created drawings of their undocumented manufacturing buildings consisting of six, odd, approximately 600' bays.

After working in IT for almost two decades (and suffering a tremendous amount of stress from the thankless trade) I decided to return to my favorite discipline - Drafting and Design.

I thank you for your consideration in your drafting and design needs.

Note: I do not hold any Engineering, Architectural licenses or such. If you have a project for me that would require such, there is no problem - there are many Architects and Engineers who would be happy to put their stamp on my work, for a fee, should it meet their approval.