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Why are some of the biggest names in Hollywood Autistics? Maybe its our advantage. Complex, detailed stories... simplest presentation.

Born a Storyteller

Promo shot for my film SIR ENVOI.

My dad was the greatest storyteller I ever knew. I was not. But I loved stories and you don't have to be a great storyteller to be a "great storyteller." I'm also a terrible salesman. Any video is a sales pitch, even if its a full-length feature film. And everyone knows video tells great stories.

In Middle School, I became an actor, trying to figure out how to make others like me. Its all in my TEDx talk. I would also lie on the living room floor, between the speakers, blasting the likes of Tomita's "Kosmos" while, in my head, writing the story of a young boy living with his clan in some post-apocalyptic world.

Being an Autistic, I love to talk. Don't get me started! Unlike many Autistics though, I could see when someone was only trying to be polite. But I'd still keep talking! I didn't have many friends so, I had to talk! Eventually, I figured out how to 1) get people's attention, 2) use the least amount of words to get the point across and 3) make them want more.


I've worked on music videos, short films, commercials, weddings and even a full-length feature film (soon to be released). I've also worked every job in video/film production from Janitor to Producer. I also had one of the best mentors in the region.

With so much experience you find what you're good at and what you're not. You also find what you like and don't like to do. While I love writing soundtracks the most, I do love the whole experiece. Writing scripts, running the camera or audio, directing, making props and costumes, scouting locations, creating special effects, picking actors, acting myself... OK, I don't care much for editing, but I'll do it if I have to. I'm not a bad editor, I just don't enjoy it.

But I love telling stories.